Classic Windows

TEHNOLEMN produces wooden windows with triple-layered profiles with continuous faces. The wood species used are spruce, pine, oak, meranti.

Three-layer profiles with continuous faces with section 84 * 68,84 * 78,84 * 92 are used for laminated wood joinery.

  • The finishing of the windows is made of impregnants and water-based varnishes resistant to the action of UV rays, high humidity, and keeping their color due to these factors; finishes can be made in a wide range of colors that can meet all customer requirements.
  • The type of insulating glass, depending on the requirements, can be unicameral or bicameral, with different kinds of glass (Low-E, secure, duplex, ornamental, stained glass)
  • The upholstery is provided with three seals (2 on the sash and one on the frame)
Classic Windows
Advantages of laminated wood joinery:
  • Preserves the characteristics of historic facades
  • Resistance to environmental factors over time
  • Excellent sound and thermal insulation
  • Finish in a variety of colors.
  • Complex shapes can be executed.